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We prefer to take each situation as we go.  Unused money after hours worked are deducted could be returnable.  

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Contact us and sign up.  Sign up is free and Privacy rules are active.  All payments to start and ongoing are made on this site.  We strongly suggest you talk to Dave at or call Dave at +1.352.302.2015.  He will be able to answer any questions and help you through any issues you may have.

If you have an App you need upgraded that was done with Alpha Software in any version, please send it to us in our drop box.   


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We send you updates along the way, usually on Friday if possible.  You will know how much unused money is in the account and if more is needed to continue. 


No, we may have as many as 200 projects going at one time.  There may be 1-10 people working on your project at any given time.  The programmer may only work on your project 2 hours a day and then be working on something else for a few hours. One other days, that programmer may work on your project 14 hours, yet all of the hours or part of the hours may not be billable due to research(not billable).  

Explained:  Some are better on database, forms, reports, etc. Why not use the best talent for each project. We always have one as the head of a project though.